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its been hacked and claims the hackers are in china. the hackers appears to be an effort to spy on its reporters who cover china. the newspaper says it has now overhauled its cyber security. last night the new york times also announced they have been hacked by someone also covering china. >>> apple's intervention followed a warning of security. and a creation of a patch by oracle that appeared to fix the problem. >>> the mac world convention may not have its name sake vendor anymore but it is still attracting a pretty sizable crowd. the annual event opened up today at the masconi center. apple hasn't participate since 2009 preferring to interact with its customers at its stores instead. the number of attendees has maintained impressive but it has remained steady even though the number of its vendors has almost doubled. >> all these new enterprised sprout up. >> reporter: the show now focuses heavily on mobile devices, app developments and has included developers. >>> retailers are looking forward to an up tick for spenders. consumers will spend an average $130 on their loved ones. many
francisco tonight as they prepare to reopen a trade office in china. the bay area council is planning to send a delegation to china in two months. there they hope to use the new office to promote trade and collaboration between china. the president of the council says they hope trade office can facilitate the conversations. >>> seems like they're pretty high and i don't understand why they keep going up and down. >> a pinch at the pump and we ask what's behind this sudden price hike. >> and the number one reason many of well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. >>> three people are under arrest after shots were fired on an oakland freeway this afternoon. police received reports of shots fire from
tourist. the landeros didn't get a reward, but the owner did promise to show them around china if they visit there. >>> there is a push underway to put a mom in that seat. heather holmes is live now in the city's sunset district to tell us who is applying the mommy pressure. >> reporter: julie, it's a top official with the san francisco democratic party. she drafted this resolution, urging the mayor to select a mother. a woman who may spend lots of time here at the playground, or library, but who can also bring a unique voice. sunset residents will soon be finding out who will be fighting for them. the district for position became available last month, mayor lee selected carmen sue to special reporter. since then there's been a lot of political intrigue over her replacement. she says the appointment could help stop the exodus of families. >> i think that a mother's voice on the board of supervisors would probably lead to more family friendly policies, legislation that would make it easier for families to stay in san francisco. >> reporter: the 11 member board is a diverse group
. the largest new year's event outside china. our coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. with julie haener and ben phan torrez. if you're away from your tv we'll be streaming it for you. >> it was warmer out there today. take a look at the highs. the warm spot was 64 in santa rosa. cool spot was san mateo at 67. highs tomorrow they're coming up. numbers tomorrow are going to be mid-60s, kind of low 60s. more 60s than 50s for sure but slightly warmer tomorrow. there's clouds moving in over head. i already pointed those out for you. temperatures outside are chilly. friday morning will be a lot like this morning a little bit warmer but it's still going to be cold. so you will still find frost in those inland bay valleys. you will find some frost out in the livermore valley and that's it. as you get going to work it's chilly. by lunchtime your jackets are you don't need them. the weekend, there's a chance for sprinkles, it's weird they show up early saturday morning. i'll show you on the outer band of this where there's very little dynamics, weak dynamics that's why we're not going to see any rain or much
wanted a senior executive of the winter olympics fired. >>> and in china, 1,500 firefighters are finally getting the upper hand against a wildfire that's been burning for a day and a half. the flames threatened gas and electrical fire stations. officials say a sanitation worker started the fire by burning waste and has now been arrested. >>> a kindergartner and his grandmother's idea has come to fruition. he asked his grandmother is there another famous african american besides martin luther king. >> it really took me by surprise for him to say that because he was only in kindergarten at the time. i said there's so many people that even dr. king admired. >> carolyn hoskins said she began her collection knowing that so many african americans had contributed to the world. by the way, she's the wife of nfl player hoskins. >>> the home has five bedrooms and six bathrooms and it was owned by the late tahoe casino executive william ledbetter. tahoe's high real estate market has been picking up and is now actively rebounding. >>> the federal reserved hacked. who did it, the information they to
and oakland china towns. while new year's day is two days away, people already put up decorations such as this stroll here to welcome in the year of the snake. fresh out of the oven, roast pig is a must have item on the dinner table tomorrow night, new year's eve. along with a whole chicken and other dishes. >> food is always a big deal for chinese. especially for chinese new year because that's the time when we try to get gather the whole entire family. >> reporter: following tomorrow's feast, chinese will try to have a vegetarian new year's day. it's a tradition to clean the home and put out flowers. tang immigrated almost 30 years ago. she says celebrating chinese new year is a way of remembers her homeland. she showed us the red and gold decorations that many chinese families now have in their homes. all symbols of fortune, prosperity and health. >> i take both the western and asian culture, i think it's cool to speak our own language, and keep our own culture. my kids are bilingual. >> reporter: family and friends visit each other's homes bearing gifts of sweets and fruit. >>
and china town. at a time when the postal service is under fire for losing money and scrapping some saturday mail service. one watchdog group says the government shouldn't pay to fly its executives into town. >> they need to be concerned about the objects of this and be concerned about you know ratcheting back on what is considered some of their more luxurious activities. >> reporter: organizers of the national postal forum say the event is designed to inform businesses offered by the postal service. it's targeted thousands of small businesses here in the bay area and it expects to generate millions of the dollars of new revenue. in san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu news. >>> showers in the forecast tonight. not a lot of rain in most snow levels. showers out toward modesto. we've had reports of light sprinkles showing up along the peninsula and along the coast. computer model then for tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m. some showers, 9:00 a.m. showers moving into oakland now. that's the kind of later morning commute. and then you get to 10:00, this is kind of wet here the 10:00 period from 10:00 t
china. she hopes to be a role model for other young chinese american. >> i want to show people that chinese culture is a big part of my life. >> reporter: katherine chu is the runner up. >> i grew up as a tomboy so this has helped me grow more into a woman. >> we have over 100 units coming down the street into telecast zone. it's a terrific family affair. >> reporter: no parking signs are already up. the rout is different due to the construction of the new central district at union square. police say there already extra officers monitoring the event. >> any type of event that has large crowds, just be aware of your personal belongings. >> reporter: organizers say if the weather remains dry they estimate more than 1 million people will line the streets to see the parade. reporting live here at union square. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> and you can watch the chinese new year parade live right here on ktvu. it starts at 6:00 hosted by our julie haener and ben fong torrez. if you're away from your tv, we'll also be streaming live on >>> the pentagon grounded the n
with a very strict dress code. he and members of the globe trotters are there for basketball diplomacy. china's president, ung is said to be a fan of rodman's exteam, the bulls. >>> the pacers get george a little physical. trying to keep the warriors in it. the magic touch of curry. bombing away from outside. he had 38 points. he had seven threes. you will see his touch again as he works for a shot with the nifty double. but west and company a little too much. you will see west gets it to go underneath then it was all the extra stuff we were talking about. the fireworks, you will see david lee gets pushed by hibart underneath. then it's mix it up time. it's hibart who ends up getting ejected. seemed to me curry was just trying to break things up but he gets hit with a technical. west did adds well. the warriors still on the short end. 108-97. >>> the puck was finding the net with every sharks flick of the wrist in their first seven games of perfection this season over the last 10 games, somebody has put i don't know some kind of invisible shield in front of that thing. hard to come by. the sc
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9